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The Science Forum EMF – the Forum for scientific controversy around Electromagnetic Fields


CafTotale.jpgThe Science Forum EMF intends to be a platform for innovative talks, discussions and dialogue around controversial topics in science and society. The forum will attempt to explore the varying perspectives on risk evaluation of electromagnetic fields (EMF). It will also provide the opportunity to consider the relationships between science, the public and politics.

The Science Forum is interested in scientific controversies. One issue seizes our attention specifically: The controversial discussion around the potential environmental and health impacts of electromagnetic fields. This debate is still alive today and will certainly be an ongoing topic in the years to come.

The Science Forum EMF would like to provide the opportunity for scientific reflection around ways to better prevent conflict escalation and polarization in the struggle for truth and what ought to be considered as an appropriate scientific opinion. In addition, the forum will clarify whether EMF controversy related solutions and suggestions might be extrapolated to other controversies in science.

The Forum aims not only at the development of governance rules for integrating basic research in laboratory, epidemiological studies, and experiments with humans into risk assessment but is also interested in different perspectives on scientific controversies and rigour. How can science, in an area of tension between the interests of politics, non-governmental organizations, grass root movements and industry, assure the quality of research? In the tumult of public life and the constant glare of media it seems much more difficult for science to maintain quality standards.

The Science Forum would like to offer a platform for a more objective and transparent presentation of scientific controversies.

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